I am in the process of creating a full record of my teaching contributions. There's twenty years of backlog so its taking a while!​ 

In the meantime here are some lovely images from a teaching trip to Morges Switzerland in May 2014 where I was teaching on Power Displaced for the  Conférence Universitaire De Suisse Occidental (CUSO)


Co-Instructor Professor Himadeep Muppidi

Course leaders Dr Rahel Khunz, Dr Noémi Michel

Teaching 3.jpg

L-R Himadeep Muppidi, Rahel Khunz, Shona Hunter, 

Nóemi Michel

Teaching 4.jpg

CUSO runs intensive graduate level workshop programmes delivered over three day residentials with students from across the four Swiss universities. They are delivered by internationally renowned academics. This particular module “Power Displaced” (Module II sur le pouvoir) follows on from the first module on mainstream approaches to power. It introduces students to various “critical” approaches to power, including post-structuralist, post/de-colonial, feminist, queer, affective and critical race and whiteness approaches. This workshop was co-delivered with Professor Himadeep Muppidi, Vasser College, USA.

L-R Nóemi Michel, Rahel Kunz, Xavier , Himadeep Muppidi

The focus of my contribution was on three linked post graduate level workshop sessions developed from my single authored book Impossible Governance: Power, Politics Emotion. The aim is to enable students to understand contemporary governance practices as interdependently materially, discursively and affectively enacted via a process I call ‘relational politics’ and generate understandings as to how this can be approached methodologically via feminist psychosocial analysis.


Session 1: Thinking relationally about power and governance

Session 2: Feminist Psychosocial approaches to analysing relational politics

Session 3 Soft Skills: Developing a strategic approach to doing criticality in academic contexts

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Teaching 2.jpg