against whiteness

WhiteSpaces works collaboratively against the massifications and accumulations of global colonial whiteness. Generating connection and change through the asymmetries and violences of whiteness is challenging work. It is painstaking, careful work which is temporally and geographically expansive. It involves all the pleasures, pains and discomforts of working through difference and against the spatial and temporal compressions produced through and reproduced through global colonial whiteness. This means that its collaborations are generated slowly, over time and with the best attempts at consistency and generosity that can be made within the context for collaborations.

WhiteSpaces collaborates on a range of projects with organisations, networks and individuals who are working to shift understandings of global colonial power from within a relational ethos.


Disorienting Race: re(lationally)

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Disorienting Race brings together publicly engaged interdisciplinary practitioners to explore the ways in which intersecting hierarchies of race are disrupted and reinforced through everyday practice.

The format models a way of publicly considering how the recognition of the everyday human violence of living in a white supremacist world can work with a reparative urge to work together for social justice.

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“Black History”

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“Black History” Interruptions! was a week-long programme of events that took place in collaboration between the Learning Skills programme at CSSD where Javeria K. Shah is based and the Centre for Race Education and Decoloniality where Shona Hunter is based in the October of 2019 and 2020.


Decolonising through
love hope and
historical memory

Part of the ongoing #Black History Interruptions collaboration between Dr Javeria Shah at Learning and Skills at CSSD and Dr Shona Hunter at CRED Leeds Beckett, this event presents Speak Woman Speak’s dramatic production of Soledad and Betto.

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White Affects
Katalin Halasz


Policy Ontologies