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Working with WhiteSpaces: what we do and how we do it and what we don't do and why

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

WhiteSpaces undertakes various forms of consultancy work with organisations, individuals and groups interested in understanding whiteness and power as part of broader social justice learning. This is in the form of advisory, organisational and group learning, workshops, facilitated discussion. Corporate clients have included the BBC and Lloyds Banking Commercial.

The specific form of expertise is about understanding whiteness as a manifestation of intersectional power which frames everyday institutional contexts, group dynamics and interpersonal relationships.

WhiteSpaces is not an anti-racist training initiative. The knowledge and expertise it develops on understanding and challenging whiteness are a fundamental port of any effective anti-racist practice work and WhiteSpaces is engaged by organisations, individuals and groups as part of a broader suite of anti-racist and decolonising work. It is not an initiative which is interested in producing white anti-racist subjects.

This post will be updated in due course in the mean time please contact Shona on

What sort of work


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Sliding rates

Black women of colour led training and consultancy

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