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There are no Safe Spaces

For Network of Women and Hallam Race Network

Safe Spaces – Friday 27th November 4-6pm


Generally the university has not been a not been a safe space for historically underinvested groups. With the renewed and politicised focus on anti-racist practice, we are increasingly encouraged to create ‘safe spaces’ in our offices and classrooms so that we can more intentional about our conversations about race; but what is a safe space? For whom is it safe? How do we create these spaces in our own practice?

With presentations by Dr Muna Abdi (Educational Consultant), Dr Shona Hunter (White spaces) and hosted by Dr Lindy-Ann Blaize Alfred – this conversation will discuss the idea of ‘safe spaces’ in order to promote a more critical engagement with what this means – and the implications for each of us within our own areas of control.

Please find the slides for my contribution

'Safe' Spaces shona contribution 27.11.2020
Download PPTX • 49.96MB


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