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White States of Mind

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

This is my second single authored book project which is currently in development.

In it I build on my analysis in Impossible Governance? Continuing my analysis into the the ways in whiteness works as a material, discursive and affective formation which works as a form of violent domination when the material and discursive are tightly aligned through emotion. It builds on my first book that knitted together her empirical research in education, health and social care to produce an analysis of the impact of neoliberalising processes across public sector governance as framed through the unspoken cultural ideal of whiteness. In that earlier book I write about this unspoken ideal in terms of ‘neoliberal whiteness’. 'White States of Mind' extends this earlier work to explore the processes and dynamics of HE as part of this neoliberalising processes (re)instantiating whiteness as a global colonising ideal. It moves through personal experiences of teaching and learning, classroom and research practice and supervision dynamics, through institutional cultures to processes of international collaboration and academic mobility working at the global level.

It also deepens the analytic shifts started in Impossible Governance? in terms of my own personal positioning and its relation to my work, fragments of memory and my own biography and identity as starting points into the institutional practices that I am naming and analysing in the book.

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