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Inspiration for generative binary resistant relational group process

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The following is a rolling list of agitators and allies who inspire the continuous learning for WhiteSpaces group practice. In no particular order of importance, listed as they are found and time allows.

Jill McLean Taylor, Carol Gilligan and Amy Sullivan in Between Voice and Silence highlight the importance of understanding gaps and silence for cultivating resistance.

The OnBeing Project is a mine of information for developing social justice process. It's Better Conversations Starter Guide relates principles to other key practical aspects of framing group practice.

The Building the Anti-Racist Classroom collective provides a useful framework for creating principled space from a decolonial frame highlighting ways to resist white supremacy in learning contexts.

The Anti-Oppression Network provides information on a vast range of organising coming under the broad based anti-oppression banner including practical information on creating group guidelines/community agreements for working together.

Chris Crass in Towards Collective Liberation presents a mine of information from a range of resistance movements on ways of cultivating a developmental organising approach.

Sisters Uncut Safer Spaces Policy is a useful guideline for proactively challenging oppression and hierarchy in meetings, actions and social spaces where the aim is to create a 'respectful, understanding and kind space where people feel able to express themselves and ask questions without fear of reprisal or humiliation'. Their Organising Toolkit also has a wealth of other process oriented information relating to organising intersectionally which can be applied to other group action. This group also provides a great example of organising around a practice and an experience, rather than an assumed category. And then considering how the practice and experience relates to categories of power and identity.

The Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute site contains a wealth of information and resources on the development of emergent strategy to support the creation of transformative justice movements and groups. Founded by Adrienne maree brown the strategy is 'rooted in Black feminist, abolitionist and anti-capitalist thought with deep love for the earth and all life'.

Priya Parker's book The Art of Gathering: How we meet and why it matters is a helpful guide to thinking carefully about the why and how of organising gatherings which link process to outcome. There are two free guides available for gatherings and for digital meetings specifically.

More to come...

Please feel free to suggest others you find useful.....

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