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BAMED Network Conference South

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Event type: Conference

When: 18 January 2020 ; 09:00-16:00

Where: University of East London, Stratford Campus

Educating ourselves about white privilege and power

The session considers the question of how we can recognise, understand and challenge the coded ways in which histories of power enter into the educational space, and in particular histories of white power and oppression via biographies and relationships and the ways that these dynamics play out between institutional actors.

It connects the constantly necessary work of engaging in our personal power literacy as part of a resolution towards challenging white supremacy and institutional whiteness in educational settings.

Key objectives:

  • To frame an understanding of how whiteness matters in the education institutional setting.

  • To introduce participants to the idea of whiteness as a racial identification.

  • To develop insights into how whiteness works at the lived level.

  • To develop insights into how we can understand this lived aspect of whiteness as an orientation to power.

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