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Leeds International Festival - L20

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Event type: Talk

When: 5 May 2020 ; 18:30-21:30

Where: L20 Cube

Future.Identity.Power: Reframing Equality and Justice

MeToo. #BlackLivesMatter. Brexit populism. Global nationalisms. How do we live together despite our differences? What does equality & justice mean for Generation Future? This event challenges preconceptions and connects us through our multiple identities. In association with Leeds Beckett University

What does equality and justice mean for Generation Future? How does this relate to changing identities and relationships of power?

In the febrile atmosphere of #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, Brexit populisms and global nationalisms, the issue of how we live together peaceably, despite differences and complexity, is challenging. Mainstream narratives tell us fearfulness and suspicion are growing, and that anger, hate, disappointment and sadness are on the rise in public culture.

Curated by Shona Hunter of Leeds Beckett University, Future. Identity. Power takes these narratives seriously, but asks us to challenge fatalistic preconceptions about our capacity to live well together. Future. Identity. Power will focus on both the everyday and the extraordinary ways that people struggle together for justice, equality, and diversity, reframing the world and our place in it for the collective good. The event asks bold questions about how we can draw on our multiple identities of race, class, gender, generation and sexuality, to create – and highlight – unexpected connections between us.

The event contributors are:

Jay Bernard

Lacy M. Johnson

Sharmila Sen

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan

For a podcast interview with Shona Hunter go to Anchor

For a short introductions on its themes go to this video short

For more about the festival go to the site

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